Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the universe that you believe

Madam hp bavenski manly p hall caroll, harold w perciville the word foundation; the internet. Internet theological society, very good. Into it. A god is talking. On a square masonic temple. investigate every person and get back to him. Don't fuck with computers. Right, right back a right-right back. Power generator. I'll buy yours when you buy mine. Bentleys. Schriners of 3 degrees. Wait till I stop, control yourself it will intervene in our ability to communicate. The cardinal principals to become a confident man. Temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude. Specific order tfjp. In that order. The square. 4 points on a circle. The square is 360 degrees of what? Principle. Thinking without passions. Wizard war lock witch left hand. Right hand virtue. Guess what. The universe will punish you. I'm a god. Again brother jesus. Listen. Brother jesus was a master bender. Temple of god. Everything. Word. Now. Om. Masturbation. Salmon. His father died. Responsibility to god. The perfect jesus. Yermanie. Degrees of lodges. Respect. Ritual. Dc. Listen. Meridian of egypt. Objection. Philosophical. All about it. Ssss. Shit. Metaphysics love you. I'm not gay. Bust your eye. Beer, please. Hold on. I love y'all. Rush. Beer can down. Break your neck. Principle of godship. The power to transcend the illusion of the propaganda machine. $50 kharma. Soul plane. Material, fuck it. 1 1 3 is 5. Is the power. Aristotle, Socrates and Plato. About your studies. Studies during incarceration. How god works. Dude selling books. Power. Coffee was taken. Stolen. No more. Bringing folgers crystal. 1 jar smoking trees. Do it for me. Read to me. We'll build on it. Basic introductions. Again, german. Teach me german, I'm the oldest. You are! Bad ass. Metaphysics. Quick learner in mental accounts. Critique of pure reason. Reason means, uninterrupted reality. You're a god. Cunt. If we try to prove the existence of god. Interrupted outside ones self. The light that poseses us. Immaterial. Ask questions and listen. Our bodies disintegrate. There is no god. Perception. The body is nothing without the brain. Functionality? Bodies. Perception. Universal superseeing existence. Alright. So. Philosophy head bump. Sharing and knowing. Sharing. Omnipitent. Fuck the world. I think we smoked crack. Shut up english. Manson, promoters of enlightenment persecution. Oppression. Slaves $$$. Perverted divine rule. Introductions. Get a blast. Kings and counts. Excuse me. Phycology. I'm sorry. I'll give the floor back. Imf. Federal reserve. Back to basics. What is enlightenment all about? A way out. What is the oppression? Sell their shit all over the world. God made me a king. Blasphemy. Came in the office. divine rule. Let him talk. Burn the witch. I hate him. Be yourself. Government dick.

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Constantly Changing said...

you know i love this! i'll probably see you tonight at the G31 opening. talking is better than typing.