Monday, July 28, 2008

fuck tweakers

So todays been the day from hell.

I get a call from my sister [who's in California] letting me know she got hit by a car on her bike and broke her arm [seems to run in the family] but thankfully she's alright aside from that.

Then at around 2am, I walk outside to see some fat fucking middle aged tweaker ass scum of the earth cock fucker kneeling in the drivers side door of my mothers car. At first, due to the small stature of this croc wearing piece of shit, I thought it was just some kid fucking around, then after the reactionary "what the fuck are you doing?" as he ran to his car I realized it was actually an adult. I run after him as he gets into his car to see his equally scummy, obease ugly as a homeless man's taint passenger sitting there with a stoned to hell look on her face. I get the plate number and call the cops. Walking past the still open car door I see the interior of my moms [still new] Mercedes torn to all hell. Call the cops, they come [late] and take a statement etc.

Not 5 minutes after calling the police I get a phone call from my mother [who's on vacation in Florida] telling me that she's having paralyzing chest pains which are, what she thinks, heart palpitations.

Are you fucking kidding me? What's next?

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